A Dinosaur's Day: Stegosaurus Makes Its Way Home

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Embark on a prehistoric journey with this picture book of fun stories and incredible facts about dinosaurs.

Introducing┬áA DinosaurÔÇÖs Day: Stegosaurus Makes Its Way Home┬á- a storytime adventure that teaches kids about exciting dinosaur facts.┬á

Packed with beautiful pictures and compelling facts, this dinosaur book teaches 3-6 year olds about the stegosaurus species through images, pronunciation guides, and amazing facts and figures. Little dinosaur lovers can join a young Stegosaurus as it wanders through its Jurassic home, gets lost, and munches her way back to her herd.

A DinosaurÔÇÖs Day: Stegosaurus Makes Its Way HomeÔÇŽ

- Helps children learn facts about dinosaurs in this beautiful picture book format.
- Teaches dinosaur facts and behavior in a very natural way.
- Features a non-fiction double page about the dinosaur species following the story. 
- Is full of bright, colorful pages with an engaging story.Has clear, fun text to make learning the facts and information easy.

A fun and engaging story and vibrant images teach children about different prehistoric species in this educational dinosaur book. Ideal for pre-reading toddlers and children just learning to read, engaging text and artwork will teach children about the Stegosaurus dinosaur species. Enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way as you follow a day in the life of a young Stegosaurus.

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