Ancient Myths Collection: Greek Myths, Norse Myths and Egyptian Myths

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Discover thrilling tales from ancient mythology with this box set containing 3 books: Greek Myths, Norse Myths and Egyptian Myths.

Ancient Myths Collection is the ideal box set for children interested in the history and mythology of ancient Greece, the Vikings, and the ancient Egyptians.

Each book features a mix of 20 or more exciting stories, including classic favorites - such as the Greek myth Pandora's Jar, the Norse legend The Binding of Fenrir, and the Egyptian myth Horus and the Snake. The tales are told in lively, easy-to-understand language and are brought to life with stylized illustrations.

This ancient myths box set for kids offers: 

- Three books containing an engaging collection of ancient myths and the history from different cultures.
- Information and key facts presented in bite-sized chunks for children aged 7-9, supported by illustrations and profiles to explore each topic.
- A collection of stories with gripping narratives and tales of gods, heroes, monsters, and magic.

This collection of ancient myths is retold for children, with profile pages covering the need-to-know information about key characters, and reference chapters delve into the background of each culture, exploring topics such as Greek art, Norse storytelling, and the pharaohs of Egypt. The pronunciation guides at the back of each book help with new names and the glossaries explain tricky words.

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