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Cultural Treasures of the World

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RRP: 179,99┬álei Pre╚Ť special 152,99┬álei

The ultimate museum experience in book form - become intimately acquainted with the world's most precious objects.

Revered, admired, protected - every country and culture has certain artefacts that are prized above all others. Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, Cultural Treasures of the World collects over 200 of these objects, and explores the fascinating and unique stories behind each one. From Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Wordsworth's original hand-written verse to the Cyrus Cylinder and the Kakadu cave paintings, these works are revered for their beauty, their exquisite artistry or their historical significance - and often all three at once. Learn how and why they were created, unravel the hidden meanings and symbolism they contain, and understand the important cultural legacy they have left behind.

Structured geographically, the book doubles as an expertly told and beautifully presented guided tour of the world's most extraordinary treasures.

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