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Knowledge Encyclopedia History!

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Journey back in time to take part in a mammoth hunt, march with a Roman soldier, and fly with the Wright brothers.

Explore what history looked like through spectacular computer-generated images of the key people, places, and events. This new book in the Knowledge Encyclopedia series will inspire young readers with its vivid depictions of history and its comprehensive and authoritative information on a huge range of topics.

Bringing subjects to life, this groundbreaking children's reference allows readers to peer inside ancient buildings, marvel at elaborate outfits, and get close to the battles of history. You will discover what everyday life was like in medieval cultures, how inventions such as the printing press changed the world, and so much more. From the lives of ferocious samurai warriors to World War II and contemporary eco-friendly innovations, every historical event is visualized in incredible detail, providing a fascinating introduction to the world through time.

Find yourself transported to the past, from our earliest ancestors right up to the world we live in today.

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