My Very Important Lift the Flap Book: Dinosaurs

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Lift the flap and learn about incredible creatures and their habitats around the world. Take a tour and meet elephants in the African Savannah, caribou in the North American Arctic, and snow leopards in the desert landscapes of Mongolia and China. Explore the beautifully illustrated habitats and spot clear, real-world photographs of the animals resting, running, feeding, flying, and more, as they go about their lives in the wild. Then lift the flaps to find out more! Fun and educational text tells the stories of the animals' daily lives and how they thrive in their environments. Multiple flaps on every page build excitement as they reveal new surprises: open up to watch a black bear go fishing, or to see a boar taking a mud bath, or a beaver building a dam. In addition, simple, age-appropriate questions invite the reader to recall information, or to explore the picture for clues - then they can lift the flaps to reveal the answer. Includes 10 natural habitats to explore, more than 100 diverse animals to discover, and more than 80 intriguing flaps to open!

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Data apari╚Ťiei : 5 oct. 2023
Autor(i) : DK
Tip Coperta : Cartonat─â
Format : 216x276
Numar pagini : 22
ISBN : 9780241632321