The Good Luck Book

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Ever wondered why we knock on wood, cross our fingers, or say "white rabbits" on the first day of the month? Dive in and learn about fascinating traditions and superstitions from all over the world!


The Good Luck Book┬áexplores the surprising - and sometimes scary - history of the worldÔÇÖs most practiced traditions and superstitions (and plenty more that you probably wonÔÇÖt have heard of!). Discover superstitions old and new from China to Chile, the USA to the Ukraine. Learn how and why they started, and why people still participate in them today.


Featuring fascinating topics, including animals, nature, sport, life events, the human body, and lucky locations, The Good Luck Book is packed with bold original illustrations, fun facts, and the origin stories behind rituals and superstitions. Ideal for young readers curious about world culture and why we do the things we do, this colorful and charming book will amaze and entertain.

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