Human Body

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Learn essential facts about the human body through interactive, educational activities, puzzles, and exercises.

How many bones are there in the adult human body? How do your lungs work? What happens under your skin? Active Learning: Human Body covers all these questions and more. Filled with fascinating facts, detailed illustrations, and over 100 write-in activities and puzzles, this is the perfect book to keep budding biologists and doctors-in-the-making busy, and to inspire children to truly engage with the human body. Kids aged 8-12 will be occupied for hours as they pore over the information-packed pages and tackle the wide range of puzzles and activities - including mazes and tangles, code-breakers, matching games, anagrams, word searches, logic games, classification and identification games, quizzes, sudoku, odd one out, drawing, and colouring.

Active Learning is a brand new series of interactive, educational activity books combining accessible information with engaging activities and puzzles. Children learn through doing, with dozens of different activity types to fully engage with and explore a topic. Designed to support teachers, educators, and parents around the world, these books are ideal for supplementing your child's education at home.

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